Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hidden Valley Photo Blog V

[edited 2/22/2013 some photos were removed as an experiment. All photos that were removed were different views of the photos remaining]

I'm combining my regular blogs this week. Ranger and I regularly visit Hidden Valley to take photos and see what the beavers have been up to. He doesn't always go with me but he comes along often enough. And for the record since this is nature preserve land he is always on leash.

Seeds and blooms continue to be a big story in Hidden Valley as does an increase in beaver activity.
Looking across the meadow you see how much of the grass has gone to seed.

Seeds are great at hitching rides in order to propagate their species. Ranger's coat collects an amazing amount of seeds requiring a lot of brushing when we get home.

Close up the seeds are lovely.

Everywhere there are grasses going to seed.

Flowers bloom all around.
Pink roses make a beautiful contrast with the weathered shake siding.

There are lots of blooms to admire in Hidden Valley.

The dam continues to grow.

Everywhere there is more evidence of the beavers at work.

 It’s clear the beaver slide is getting a lot of use.

These branches are about three and an half feet off the ground. These must be good size beavers.

Although beavers are said to prefer Alder to other types of trees these beavers are chewing Rhododendron,


And Alder

Beaver have very hard teeth!

Ranger and I will enjoy our hikes through Hidden Valley and our observations of nature and beaver activity. Until next time.

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