Saturday, June 4, 2016

I Want My Dog's Life: A Day in the Life of Ranger Reprise

Both Ranger and Finna live pretty good lives since we adopted them but recently I find myself envying Ranger's life just a little bit. Let's look at a day in his life.

I get up and let both dogs out. Ranger patrols the yard and then finds a comfy place to lounge while I play ball with Finna. When it's time to take Finna in Ranger sets himself where he can see the door hoping this will be one of those great days when The Great Catsby decides to make a break for freedom so Ranger can herd him back inside. This is one of Ranger's great joys in life. It's a good day, the cat obliges. Today Ranger decides to follow the cat back inside and chooses to doze at the top of the stairs until breakfast. After breakfast Ranger goes out to hang out in the yard until later.

Today Ranger will be listening to kids read at the library. As we load him into the car he gets a few minutes of grooming.
This is the only part of Ranger's day he won't really enjoy.  He'd rather not have the grooming rake drawn through his coat since it does find all the snarls and pull them out but he knows this is what happens so he tolerates it.

At the library Ranger settles happily into his listening spot and enjoys the attention that comes his way. The great thing about the library is that most of the kids come with an attached parent and Ranger knows that parents are wonderful at petting. Ranger enjoys the petting, the stories, and accepts as his due the staff members that sneak over to love on him and whisper that Ranger is their favorite.

From the library Ranger goes to the Farmer's market. First stop at the market Ranger checks in with his good buddy that sells grass fed beef. While they're having their reunion the guy from the food booth next door slips over. "I've got this one little piece of meat left. Can Ranger have it?" We give permission and Ranger makes friends with his new buddy. We wander through the market and Ranger greets his friends, makes new ones, says hello to a few dogs and leads us back to the food booth belonging to his new buddy. We are hungry so we order our food and settle at a picnic table to eat. Ranger accepts the few bits that fall his way as his just due and then another friend Ranger hasn't seen in awhile shows up and they have an affectionate reunion.

Finally it's time to go. Ranger gets home, greets Finna, enjoys another opportunity to put the cat back inside and settles in a shady spot to doze and keep an eye on things. Later Ranger joins Finna on her late night walk. Since Ranger discovered that late night walks involve lots of training and lots of treats he's eager to join in. Dad has Ranger's leash and The Boy has Finna's leash. Mom has the treats. The rule is first dog to complete the requested behavior gets their treat first. Both dogs seem to enjoy the friendly competition and they really enjoy the high value treats.

After the walk comes dinner and bedtime. My dogs like a nap after eating so feeding them at bedtime just follows their natural inclination. Tomorrow will be another great day in Ranger's life.


  1. Ah yes, idyllic! Finna has it pretty good, too, I think!

    1. They both have it pretty cushy but think how nice it would be if everywhere you went people were delighted to see you and wanted to tell you how wonderful you are, how you're the very best, and give you wonderful goodies just because you are you. That's Ranger's life in a nutshell.