Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just like kids

Just like when your children are learning to talk and you're not sure whether the sound was an intentional effort at a word or a random sound it's really hard to tell whether Ranger is intentionally signing or at least trying to sign or not.

We'd gone for a walk as a family but Ranger and I had gotten ahead and stopped at a picnic table to wait. I was trading him treats for tricks. When I stopped delivering treats Ranger hesitantly gestured with his left (food) paw. I want to say he tried to communicate that he wanted more treats but I all I can say for sure is that he lifted his left paw and put it back down. It didn't look like a high five gesture or a march in place Gee Paw, Haw Paw routine but more like he was trying to imitate the gesture I make when signing food. He was praised and rewarded and about then the rest caught up and we walked on.

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